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Emily Bitz

I'm a versatile individual with a diverse range of interests and skills. On any given day, you might find me crafting handmade candles, writing informative articles for nutrition websites, or providing counseling for those facing trauma. I thrive on constant learning and adaptability, always seeking to expand my knowledge.

Health and wellness lie at the heart of my passions, and they permeate everything I do.


I'm Emily, currently residing in the stunning landscape of Beautiful British Columbia, though I've called various places around the world home.

Meet Emily

My educational background includes:

-Bachelor's degree in Psychology

-Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

-Holistic Culinary Certificate

-Somatic Attachment Therapy


 My commitment to health is deeply personal, stemming from my own challenging experiences with depression, hormonal issues, and abuse, along with the myriad of symptoms associated with these struggles.

Having emerged on the other side of that pain, my primary goal is to inspire others and offer a glimmer of hope. I hope that my website provides valuable insights, even if it's just the belief that you have the power to heal yourself.

I invite you to explore my little corner of the internet, where you can dive into informative blog posts and connect with me through social media.

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