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The Healthy Hormone Guide

How to manage your period holistically

Have you ever experienced debilitating period symptoms that left you seeking answers and relief? I know that feeling all too well. For years, I endured excruciating pain, seeking help from Western medical professionals who often prescribed quick fixes like Advil or birth control pills. However, these solutions did little to alleviate my unmanageable period symptoms.

During each cycle, I found myself staying awake for 24 hours, battling hot and cold sweats, consuming double the recommended Advil dosage for my size, and only finding temporary relief in a warm bath. My pain became so severe that I had to take weeks off from work. It was clear that I needed to take matters into my own hands.

So, I embarked on a journey to study holistic nutrition and uncover the root causes of my suffering. Over many years of relentless experimentation and exploration in the alternative health realm, I finally found the solutions to manage my periods effectively.

My mission now is to help you reduce your suffering as well. While cramps may be common, they are not normal, and I firmly believe in a holistic approach to wellness. My book is not a mere diet plan or a quick fix; it's a daily practice designed to empower you.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), I've poured years of research and self-experimentation into this book. Inside, you'll find valuable insights, including food recommendations, herb suggestions, reading materials, journal prompts, supplements, and more. I share my personal journey in the hope that it can guide and support you on your path to managing your period and breaking free from monthly suffering.

Are you ready to take control of your menstrual health and bid farewell to the monthly struggle? Feel free to reach out to me—I would be thrilled to work together and help you find relief.

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