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My daily wellness rituals

Updated: May 27, 2022

One of the most essential parts of living holistically is incorporating daily wellness rituals, we are creatures of routine, after all. Taking care of yourself is a whole-body practice. Sleep, nutrition, water, healthy relationships, and managing stress are the pillars. This will look different to each person; maybe you wake up a half-hour before your children to get some time to yourself to sit in silence with your coffee. Others may honor their health by cooking at least one meal a day at home. Don't feel bad if your life doesn't look like the curated Instagram feeds version of wellness.

I will share a bit about what I do each day!

Eat real (unprocessed), home-cooked foods. This is a personal preference for me. I like to buy whole foods and create delicious, nourishing meals every day. I don't eat out often, as I feel better when cooking my meals. Food at restaurants can be fun for a special occasion, but they are often full of vegetable oil, low-quality salts, and other ingredients that we shouldn't be bombarding our bodies with. I like to cook extra food for dinner and eat it the next day for a quick lunch.

Drinking filtered water. This doesn't have to be fancy! I have a Brita. I have cut back my water consumption lately and have been focussing more on getting my hydration in through organic orange juice, herbal tea infusions, and water in smaller quantities. If we consume water in excess, it may deplete nutrients and digestive processes. There are risks involved with drinking too much water.

Moving my body! I don't do a 45-minute lifting session daily (LOL). That is just not my style. I like to walk, hike, do some tension band exercises, or do yoga. I want to go with my what body's feeling that day, and I don't push it.

Take my vitamins and tinctures. This is, of course, very individual! I don't take the same supplements all the time either. Vitamins are one of the critical pillars of my nutritional wellness because the soil is incredibly depleted compared to 50 years ago. Our food is not as nutritionally dense as it used to be.

Lastly, I make sure that I take some time to have a few minutes of self-care each day. I like to have a bath as often as I can. This can also look like talking to a friend, going to bed early to prepare yourself for the next day, or reading a good book.

Share your daily wellness rituals in the comments below!



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