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Natural remedies for hair loss post COVID

Updated: May 27, 2022

About two months after getting COVID, I noticed my hair falling out. Now, this wasn't just a strand here or there; it covered the entire floor, and my hairbrush. The fever, body aches, and loss of taste and smell COVID brought were one thing, but this is something I didn't know how to deal with. I'd never experienced hair loss before, so I had no idea what to expect! I immediately started worrying that I'd go bald.

I'd always had long, thick hair; it was part of my identity.

Why are people losing hair post COVID?

Post C hair loss has been a surprising side effect of the virus. It is due to telogen effluvium, which may happen after stressful life events, including surgery or having a baby. Since the beginning of COVID, cases of telogen effluvium have been up 400%. The good news is that researchers have found that most people's hair fully recovers about six months after infection.

Despite claims of full recovery, I was feeling insecure about how thin my hair was getting, so I decided to test out some natural remedies to speed up the growth. I had already previously experimented with some tea rinses a year prior when my scalp started getting dry, and I liked the results that I was getting.

Here is a picture of my hair when I was using tea rinses, eating my healthiest, and doing hair masks to keep it shiny. I went on an extended trip after this photo, and also got COVID, so it doesn't look this healthy anymore.

What are natural ways to grow your hair quicker post hair loss?

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most well-known natural solutions for hair growth. You can purchase rosemary shampoo, rosemary essential oil, which you can rub into your scalp, or make a tea rinse with rosemary herb. This study shows that rosemary is just as effective as the leading hair growth formula, without the bad side effects. An easy way to use rosemary on your scalp is to put some rosemary essential oil, witch hazel, and water into a spray bottle, and spray your hair before bed each night.

2. Tea rinses

Tea rinses are another easy and cost-effective way to remedy hair loss. You pick a few herbs and make them into tea. You can pour this concoction over your hair at the end of your shower, massage it in, and let it do its' magic! For lighter hair, chamomile, lavender, and rosemary are all beneficial.

4. Shower filter

A good shower filter eliminates any of the nasties in your tap water. Tap water is full of contaminants that do not serve hair growth. Water is treated with chlorine and other chemical disinfectants. A shower filter is a cheap and easy option to improve the health of your hair (and skin, too!).

5. A good shampoo

Most commercial shampoos are full of toxins, the four leading ones being phthalates, BPA, parabens, and PFAs. These chemicals may not be harmful in small doses, but lathering your hair with these every day will cause long-term damage. Phthalates, for example, are linked to hormonal issues, as well as diabetes and heart disease. Make sure you look for these chemicals the next time you purchase your shampoo.

6. Eating enough calories

Eating ENOUGH. Yes, not less, but more nourishing, nutrient-dense food. Many women believe they can survive on salads, bagels, and coffee. Your body needs the energy to survive. Your hair needs the energy to grow. An adult woman should be eating upwards of 2000+ calories a day. This will help your hair grow; you will be less irritated, have more energy, and feel better overall. Try tracking how much you eat for a few days and see if you are eating enough.

7. Eating warm foods for circulation

Eating warm foods more often than cold foods is also crucial. Cold foods are constricting, while warm foods help blood flow and circulation. Your body needs proper circulation to send energy where it needs to go. Instead of drinking iced coffees and eating salad, try soup & herbal tea with honey.

8. Red light therapy

Red light therapy irradiates photons into scalp tissues, stimulating hair growth. Red light therapy also increases circulation, increasing hair growth. It also can help with seasonal depression by giving your body and cells more natural light, similar to what the sun would provide. You can purchase a red light therapy box through Amazon, but quality is essential here.

9. Beef liver

Lastly, beef liver! Beef liver contains a concentrated amount of nutrients. Biotin, Vitamin A, and Glutathione, among other minerals and vitamins, are all highly beneficial to hair and skin health, making beef liver a powerhouse supplement.

A few months ago, I was in the thick of my hair loss. I would brush, and clumps would come out at a time. I have been diligently using these remedies for the past month or so, and I hope to make a full hair recovery!

If you are struggling with hair loss and want to work together, send me an email. I offer full nutrition consults focussing on your biggest health concerns. We can work together to come up with a nutrition plan.

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